Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reviewing Between Sisters

I don't know if I speak for all writers when I say that I have mixed feelings about professional reviews and reviewers. It is part of the trade in books for one's work to come under literary scrutiny and comment. Of course a positive commentary does wonders for the writer's soul and hopefully, greater wonders for her sales. But reviewers are testy, and more likely than not their comments will mix the good with the bad. The first time I read a not so great review of my work was early in the decade. I was sick for the entire weekend. Until then, I thought all reviews had to be good or else say nothing at all. After I recovered, I resolved never to be that impressed by a good review of my work or get so disconsolate over a bad opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Here is a review by Bronwyn, the manager of WordsWorth, a book shop in Waterloo:

I just finished your book over the weekend while I was up at the cottage. I am really impressed. About half way through I was so concerned with Gloria and what sort of trouble she could get into with Bea and their friends that I couldnt put the book down. I think you have written a universal story of teenage angst, temptation and ultimately redemption that happens around the world to so many youngsters. You did a good job of bringing Ghana alive in a way that teens in Canada will still relate to Gloria, but be intrigued about her life in a different country. Great writing too!
I look forward to promoting Between Sisters when it is published - hopefully we can do an event with you!

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