Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kingston Writers Festival, 2011

I really enjoyed the panel with Y.S. Lee and Susan Olding (host). Actually I loved the more formal format of the Kingston Writers Festival held last September 22-25 in the Holiday Inn, on the waterfront. I was actually given a personal helper/ handler, Carol, MacDonnel who was just wonderful. I daresay Kingstonians are very posh! I wish I could remember the special designation given to them but it's gone now lost in my memory. I will never forget eating gnocci, for the very first time, which choice I made because I had read an interesting description of it in Camilla Gibb's "Sweetness in the Belly". The singular down moment was finding out that the festival bookstore did not have my book but I shrugged that off, too. Things happen and I still had a wonderful time reading, talking and listening to other panels.

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